The Vision – By SLR

Behind The Vision 

Meet Sheraine Robinson. The creator and head stylist of bySLR. Born and Raised in Toronto, Canada the 25 year old fashion fairy is no stranger to cultured style. She has always had a passion and eye for amazing fashion. Her ability to mix high and low end pieces is what makes her sense of style so approachable yet chic and fabulous. Styling, fashion and perfection are in her blood. This is only the beginning for this young budding stylist.

The Vision 

bySLR is a deliciously chic and curated styling service. We offer a wide array of services from personal styling and shopping to complete closet organization. There is nothing bySLR can’t do for you when it comes to fashion. We have worked with people from all walks of life from business men and women to professional athletes and lifestyle personalities.

“Get STYLED . bySLR”